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Anzolo Medical, a leading digital marketing agency for cosmetic and plastic surgeons, has launched MedAID, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant widget designed exclusively for medical websites. MedAID provides around-the-clock support to website visitors by answering questions, providing relevant information, and encouraging online appointments.

MedAID represents a breakthrough application of AI technology in the medical space. The virtual assistant widget integrates seamlessly into Anzolo's client websites to engage visitors in real-time. By providing personalized guidance and information to prospective patients, MedAID has been demonstrated to double conversion rates from website traffic.

"We're excited to introduce MedAID, the newest addition to our suite of digital marketing services for aesthetic healthcare providers," said Andrew Zolotovskovs, CEO of Anzolo Medical. "MedAID allows us to optimize our clients' marketing spend by capturing more leads and filling their calendars 24/7 with the power of AI."

The HIPAA-compliant virtual assistant handles frequently asked questions, educates website visitors on procedures and services, prompts contact requests, and enables appointment self-scheduling. MedAID improves upon other chatbots with healthcare-specific responses and empathy.

Anzolo Medical, founded in 2018, creates customized digital marketing campaigns for cosmetic and plastic surgeons across the United States. The agency's data-driven approach pairs human expertise with advanced technology like MedAID to maximize return on marketing investment.

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