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Executive Summary

A small MedSpa in Tukwila, WA is trying to make a push the “Microneedling with PRP” procedure. They are great at what they do and get praise from their patients, but the number of inquiries is very small. The MedSpa wants to address this situation, but doesn’t know where to start.


The website has zero paid or organic visibility for microneedling related keywords.

This MedSpa is located in Tukwila, but most of the patients come from Seattle. Since they’re technically not in Seattle - Google doesn’t show their listing to people in Seattle or charges significantly more to do so via paid ads.


  • Increase the number of patients that are interested in Microneedling with PRP in the most cost effective way possible.


A new landing page is added to their site within a week. This page followed all the Medical Web Design guidelines to encourage visitors to schedule a procedure.

Massive Medical SEO campaign is launched to improve landing page’s visibility for microneedling related keywords.

All Google services are updated to include Seattle as a target location for the business, without changing the physical address.


MedSpa received 2 times more Microneedling with PRP inquiries within the next month and 5 times more the month after that.

Within just a few months requests for “microneedling with PRP in Seattle” and similar started to show a snippet from MedSpa’s website in search results, establishing them as an authority in microneedling services in that area.