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Executive Summary

A website for cosmetic surgery center was recently hacked. While the hack was quickly handled, google keeps sending fewer people to the site every week. It's unclear why this is happening and the number of patient leads is rapidly declining.


Google is not giving any clear indications of what is happening or what needs to be done.

The Surgeon has turned to several companies for help, but each company suggests a different and often contradictory course of action.

None of the available options can guarantee any immediate results, but leads are drying out fast.


  • Figure Out What’s Affecting Organic Traffic And Fix It.
  • Boost The Number Of Patient Leads.


Anzolo Medical was the third company The Surgeon has turned to for help. Each other company has already done something, but there is no positive impact on organic traffic. What's worse, some of the things other companies tried resulted in more damage than harm.

Anzolo Medical has started by fixing obvious issues and analyzing the impact of the hack through the Google Search Console. Investigators quickly noticed a drain in the website's crawl budget, that was caused by a large number of errors due to the hack. To solve this, investigators examined and manually processed each issue, until all of them were resolved.


With all the google search console issues resolved and the crawl budget fully available again, the organic traffic has quickly recuperated and the patient leads were soon to follow. In addition to that and thanks to manual processing of all the issues unrelated to the hack – organic traffic has even surpassed the pre hack levels.